The siting of two nuclear units in Dukovany approved

Today, the State Office for Nuclear Safety (hereinafter referred to as SÚJB) issued a permit for the siting of two nuclear units at the Dukovany locality. SÚJB decided in accordance with Article 9, paragraph 1 (a) of the Act No. 263/2016 Coll., Atomic Act.

The application was evaluated by a team of SÚJB inspectors, specialists of the National Radiation Protection Institute, and other experts. The administrative proceedings lasted almost 12 months. They assessed the initial safety report and other related documents, which are prescribed by the Atomic Act. "No facts preventing the issuance of the permit were revealed during the evaluation," summarized Dana Drábová, Chairperson of SÚJB.

In the evaluation of correctness and integrity of the submitted documentation, SÚJB relied on many years of knowledge of the assessed site and its characteristics, as it has been supervising the safety of the four existing Dukovany Power Plant units.

SÚJB issued the permit on the basis of the application submitted by Elektrárna Dukovany II, a. s. on 25th March 2020. As it comes into force, the permit will be published on the SÚJB website (


The applicant for operating permit (Elektrárna Dukovany II, a. s.) waived his right for remonstrance on the same day the permit was issued. The permit entered into force and therefore, SÚJB publishes it.