Nuclear Safety Overview

Main subjects of state supervision of nuclear safety in accordance with SÚJB legal competence is supervision of conditions stipulated by Atomic Act for activities related to nuclear energy utilization. That includes especially:

  • Activities performed in nuclear facilities, that are constructions and operational units with nuclear reactor, facilities for production, processing, storage and disposal of nuclear materials, radioactive waste repository and radioactive waste storage facilities;
  • Design, site location, construction and commissioning;
  • Operation, reconstructions and decommissioning;
  • Design, production, verification and systems modifications of nuclear facilities and their components;
  • Design, production, verification and reparation of packages for nuclear material management;
  • Radioactive material transportation;
  • Physical protection of nuclear facilities;
  • Training for selected personnel;
  • Research and development of activities related to nuclear energy utilization;
  • Technical safety of selected components.

The state administration and supervision performance consist of inspection and administration activities. Main administration activityies are issuance of permit for specified activity, documentation assessment and approval.

SÚJB assess nuclear safety of facility performance. It includes also main component life verification, core and fuel status, maintenance and modification performance. Safety indicators set is the specific tool for operational performance assessment that are based on long term operational experience and data collection. Safety indicators were established by selecting of important safety related areas, activities and system operation.

Beside we fulfill international conventions and contracts requirements connected to nuclear safety, support science and development activities, cooperate and participate in internationally organized groups (e.g WENRA, OECD WG). Nuclear safety requirements are also revised in accordance with European legislative and technique harmonization.

The organizational chart of Nuclear Safety Section includes all areas that are the subject of nuclear safety supervision.